Turbulent drying

What is it?

The turbulent drying dries and/or disperses solid products. 

Working principle

Thanks to the great turbulence created by the rotor, the product is disintegrated and propelled against the hot walls of the dryer. The final result presents a dry powder with a particle size from 200 to 300 µ. Drying is carried out by batch and indirectly at high or low temperature.  


The turbulent dryer can dry solid products from the following industries:


  • Homogenous drying in a regulated atmosphere,
  • Adapted for drying and/or dispersion,
  • High turbulence for great efficiency,
  • Drying possible under pressure or in a vacuum,
  • Double heating jacket according to the specifications of the liquid,
  • Automatic or manual loading and emptying,
  • Simple or multiple drying stages.