certification VCA

LESSINE is committed to auditing its safety management system. The VCA** certification, obtained in 2008, is a guarantee of stringent implementation of this policy.

Our objectives in matters of safety are:

  • prevention of bodily injuries;
  • safety of third parties;
  • prevention of damages to the material and the environment;
  • establishment of safety priorities in company management;
  • commitment to continuous improvement regarding Safety, Health and Environment.

The appropriate training is given continually to staff working on-site in order to attain these objectives.

Sites are managed with a constant concern for safety, in close collaboration with the client and full respects of the security requirements.


ISO 9001

Lessine is audited and certified according to ISO 9001:2008 conditions.

The quality of our research and manufacturing is a key to our business. Our attention is constantly devoted to providing clients with the right product, for use and manufacture.

Not all clients have the same requirements.  Our commitment is to offer the solution that best corresponds to the application, and to check, at every stage of the process, that these factors are respected.

The client’s specifications are taken into account from the outset of the project. In the absence of specifications, we will offer our experience to come out with an economical and reliable solution, in close consultation with you.


atexLessine offers its clients the chance to ATEX-certify its equipment upstream.

Not all clients work in explosion hazard zones. To keep our service customised, Lessine can ATEX-certify equipment on request. The aim is to ensure the safety of employees and equipment and meet international safety and health obligations.

The certification process is carried out in close collaboration with ISSEP: a renowned agency in Brussels specialised in risk analysis as well as approving the conformity of tests with ATEX standards.

We supply our clients with a technical opinion concerning the real hazard zone as well as the degree of risk. The certification is conducted at an ATEX location ranging from zone 1 to 3 of gas and dust.

 As Lessine is constantly looking for innovations, it is also part of Team2