Our drum blenders in the magazine Bulk Inside

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Our drum blenders in the magazine Bulk Inside

For more than 125 years, Lessine company has been designing solutions fully adapted to its customer needs
In this context, Lessine has developed a large range of mixers, for various applications. Among them: the MFD200 & the MFD200AT

Our range includes two types of drum blenders:     ​

  • The "classical one" - MFD200                                                                                                                                                              

​The MFD200 is the classical and manual version of our drum blenders.

It is designed for drums from 50 to 220l and is offered with various manual fastening options. 


The MFD200AT is a practical, ergonomic and significantly easy-to-use powder mixer 

This fully automated mixer maximizes the homogenization in the shortest possible time and insures an optimal mixing



Both allow the homogenisation or re-homogenisation of mixtures by batch in barrels of all sizes and designs. 

The recipes are prepared in suitable recipients. The barrel for blending is affixed onto a slanted turning shaft; it attaches very easily to the support of the blender and follows its rotation movement.  A high energy device may be added for difficult products.

Lessine drum blender advantages:

  • Products are mixed directly in the drums in which they are stored
  • Adaptable for different capacities of barrels
  • Facility of passing from one recipient to another
  • Possibility of putting several types of barrel in a single support
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Relatively low energy consumption.

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Our stainless steel 316L lump breaker EL300 HT (High Temperature) on the way to Sweden

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Our stainless steel 316L lump breaker EL300 HT (High Temperature) is on the way to Sweden


Solids Trade Show is postponed

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Your Health, Our Priority.
Solids Trade Show is postponed 

A short time ago, we told you about our participation in Solids trade show in Antwerpen, planned for next October. However, despite strict safety measures maintenance, it seems Covid-19 keeps on gaining ground.

We are attentive to our Customers' worries and concerned with their safety and health. Since then, in agreement with the organisers and the other exhibitors, it has been decided to postpone 2020 edition of Solids trade show

This will take place in Antwerpen in March 2021.
And we won't fail to come back to you with further details in the coming months. 

We are looking forward to meeting you at this next edition.
Take this opportunity to find out our innovations and the process driven approach of our Team in terms of millingmixingdryingseparation handling.
Look after yourself and your loved ones,

Lessine Team

Our rotating dryer-cooler in Bulk Inside

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Our Rotating Dryer-Cooler

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Lessine Drying Technology : 

Our Rotating Dryer-Cooler

With its experience in drying and cooling industry, Lessine widened its product line by enhancing the equipment merging both applications :
the rotating cooler-dryer.
How it works :
This technology allows product to be dryed and cooled within a single tube. In a rotating drum, product is dryed by injecting a co-current flow of hot air.  
While drying, product follows the rotational movement of the dryer tube. The internal elevators stir the product and advance it gradually to the exit.  
An ambient air flow is also injected counter-currently in the cooling portion.  
Those air flows, co-current & counter-current, are then drained away through the " drying and cooling air flows collection point", located at junction point of both rotating drum parts.  

Specific parts developed by Lessine and used for air flows evacuation

This specific part, developed by Lessine, facilitates the equipment installation and grants greater filter safety.  
This technology so allows, at the exit, to obtain a dry product, directly at desired temperature for the downstream process while maintaining a compact and economical equipment. 
The Avantages:
  • Drying and cooling function side by side, in a same tube;
  • Co-current direct drying through hot air flow injection;
  • Direct counter-coo
  • Direct counter-current cooling by injection of ambient air; 
  • Drying and cooling air flows collection point;
  • Compact equipment, so reduced handling; 
  • Product directly at desired temperature at the end of the process;
  • No condensation in the product while storing it;
  • Economical solution.

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