Efficiency, quality and energy savings

To offer you a tailored drying solution, Lessine engineers meticulously study each project to come up with the best combination for an optimum energy efficiency.

Lessine designs traditional drying equipment and also combines drying and milling techniques for an optimum result in one single process.


Drying methodPartcile size
FineMedium Coarse
Flash Dryer  
 Rotary Dryer
Trubulent Dryer 

Our solutions

In mineral, fertilisers and mineralogical chemistry sectors, Lessine has developed a range of dryers and granulators with varying robustness and resistance characteristics to best meet your drying needs.

Application examples: drying of sand, cement, integration of additives (e.g. dolomite, or gypsum) granulation-coating of fertiliser …

Drying is a necessity for humid products treatment. It is even considered as a central operation for many products (e.g. cleaning polluted land). Lessine’s know-how as well as its innovation in the environment and recycling sectors offer you a guaranteed optimum dryer.

Application examples: thermal remediation …

Products from food, pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals industries often require special treatment for drying (e.g. temperature range tolerance). Lessine puts its know-how at the disposal of your application to offer you the best-suited drying procedure for your product.

Application examples: drying tomatoes or blood …

Fuels drying is considered as one of the most delicate procedures, requiring specific know-how, experience and a lot of precision. Lessine’s tailor-made solutions give you the dryer perfectly suited to your needs.

Application examples: elimination the humidity of coal, drying alternative fuels or wood …

Some metal products require a simple reduction of humidity rate or more likely an intense drying process. Lessine carefully studies your needs and offers you the best-suited dryer zccording to your material. 

Application examples: drying of slag, solder flux …