What is it?

In a single procedure, the dryer-pulveriser dries and pulverises material with a minimum use of time and energy.

Working principle

This system allows the milling and drying in hot air of wet and/or adhesive products in a single procedure. Fixed and mobile pegs produce a fineness of up to 90 microns.

The milling can be carried out in several stages to adjust the final particle size. Hot air enters the feed chute of the mill and passes through it from end to end, towards a dust extraction filter and a ventilator-extractor. 


To grind and dry wet and/or adhesive products in the following industries:


  • Milling and drying in a single procedure,
  • Time and energy saving,
  • Adaptation of the final particle size,
  • Great capacity of milling and drying,
  • A significant evaporation capacity.