LCP belt thrower

What is it?

LCP has been especially designed to load insulated containers with bulk materials in a minimum amount of time. 

Working principle

Thanks to its loading system, a belt turning at a great speed that projects the product, the LCP ensures optimum loading (min. 95 % of the volume) of ISO containers with granulated bulk products in a record time and using a minimum of energy.


Loading of granulated products from the following industries:


  • Quick loading (26 tonnes of sugar in 8 minutes),
  • Robust equipment (capacity ≈ 200 tonnes/hour),
  • Optimum filling per container (>95% of the total volume),
  • Minimum human intervention,
  • Integrated control panel,
  • Quick grip to the container,
  • Suitable for containers of 20, 30 and 40 feet,
  • Easy use and cleaning.