Your end product, our priority!

Lessine's range of mills provides several techniques for milling; shearing, percussion and crushing. Lessine carefully analyses your project to offer you the best solution, tailored to meet your needs.

For special applications, Lessine can combine several techniques to guarantee the maximum effectiveness.

 MillingFinal Particle size
TECHNIQUEUltrafine 10µFine 100µMedium 1mmCoarse 10mm


Cutting mill and Shredder

Percussion Pin mill  
    Percussion mill
  Hammer-Cylinder mill  
  Hammer mill 
Crushing Ball mill
    Jaw Crusher
   Roller mill 


Our solutions

Heavy duty is the core of Lessine’s business. Milling and crushing solutions are configured to meet the requirements of heavy construction in terms of resistance and robustness.

Application examples: the phosphate chain from the quarry to the end products, fertilisers; MCP, DCP, TSP, the treatment of lime, gypsum …

Lessine milling, shredding and crushing solutions can treat different types of products and waste derived wether from industry or environment.  Depending on your specific criteria (e.g. confidentiality, milling technique, budget …), Lessine offers you the appropriate equipment.  

Examples of applications: batteries, electronic waste, catalytic converters, printer cartridges, cables, cellulose insulation, construction waste, tyres …

Lessine's milling and crushing solutions allows different types of products from pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals industries to be treated.  We turn the specificities of each application into construction features.

Application examples: sugar micronisation …

Lessine mills meet national and international safety standards and are particularly suited to milling flammable products.

Application examples: crushing and machining of coal, milling of alternative fuels …