What is it?

The lab ball mill is a particularly suitable solution for grinding small quantities of products.

Working principle

Our lab ball mill is designed for grinding and homogenising a wide range of materials . This versatile equipment can fit a large variety of applications. 

The ball mill is made of cylinders rotating on a horizontal shaft. They are filled with a grinding charge and fed with the material to be ground.

The product is ground by impact, friction or attrition thanks to a precise rotation speed (optimised for grinding).

Continuous working,
Wet or dry material, 
For small quantities,
Limited investment, 
Minimum floor space,
Low maintenance costs,
High reliability.
Swivel roller jar mill
  • Suitable for lab tests that have to be processed on a machine representing industrial ball milling, 
  • Jars from 7 to 10l capacity can be used to prepare 1 to 3l of material per batch, 
  • Thanks to its original ergonomics, it is a sturdy & easy-to-use equipment,
  • Equipped with an electronic speed controller.
Roller jar mill for multiple jars
  • Various designs depending on jars geometry & volume (up to 15l capacity),
  • 1, 2 or 3 levels, 
  • Industrial grade, 
  • Intended for the production of several batches simultaneously,
  • With a gearmotor equipped with frequency converter.
Roller drum mixer
  • Intended for the production of a few dozens of kg, of small quantities or for large-scale tests, 
  • Industrial grade, 
  • Designed to work 24h a day, 
  • Jars or containers up to +/- 450mm diameter can be used,
  • With a gearmotor equipped with frequency converter,
  • Peripheral safety grid.


Widely used in all sectors of industry:


  • Sturdy & flexible solution,
  • For small quantities, 
  • Wide range of products, 
  • Large variety of applications,
  • Fine particle size, 
  • Wet or dry ginding,
  • Solution fitting customer's needs,
  • Adjustable particle size and particle size distribution,
  • Minimum maintenance,
  • Minimum floor space