Hammer mill

What is it?

The hammer mill is used to reduce products of medium to heavy mass by striking the material with tilted hammers. The final particle size can go from medium (20mm) to fine (200µ). 

Working principle

Pendular hammers strike the product against a shield. They are mounted on a medium - or high speed - rotor ; enabling the product to be suctioned by the mill. The product then flattens against a perforated screen. Perforations are based on the particle size.


Depending on its configuration, the hammer mill can treat a vast range of products: soft products, products with low/average or heavy mass, adhesive or abrasive ones, and many others in the following fields:


  • Reduction ratio: up to 20:1,
  • Fully adaptable mill,
  • Similar output particle size,
  • Intensive industrial use,
  • Conveyor belt feeding,
  • Easy-access for maintenance and for checking wear and tear,
  • Easy-access and replacement of the perforated-screen.