Jaw crusher

What is it?

The jaw crusher is designed to grind very hard materials with a high feed rate, while ensuring a good output cubicity.

Working principle

 A mobile jaw, supported by an eccentric shaft, crushes the product against a static one. The elliptical movement of the jaw lower end ensures the product is crushed regularly with little fine production. The final particle size is determined by the space between the jaws and their profile.


The jaw crusher is used to reduce materials with high hardness (dry) in the following fields:


  • Materials with good cubicity,
  • Similar granulometric distribution,
  • High feed rate,
  • Production of very few dust,
  • Reduced power consumption
  • High resistance to wear and tear,
  • Adjustable jaw heights,
  • Safety plate or hydraulic safety system (for accidental intrusion of unshreddable products),
  • Management of output particle size thanks to hydraulic jacks.