Pin mill

What is it?

The Pin mill is used to reduce products of a hardness of less than 3 Mohs. It enables a very fine output particle size going up to 10 µ. 

Working principle

The product to grind is injected into the centre of a circular vertical stator-rotor. The rotor turning at a high speed “sucks” the product and projects it towards the output, then it passes through the rotating milling elements. The output is situated in the circumference of the unit.

The collision of the particles also contributes to the milling. In order to manage the material and limit heating, the product is carried in a great air stream during milling.


The Pin mill is used to reduce the following materials:

  • Mineral,  organic or vegetable of a hardness less than 3.5  Mohs,
  • Dry, slightly wet or with a low grease content,
  • Slightly cloggy.


  • Fully adjustable to the product treated,
  • Disintegration of agglomerates,
  • Little to no heating of the product,
  • Relatively low energy consumption,
  • Easy access via the access door,
  • Good machine stability,
  • Fine and homogenous particle size,
  • Generation of a minimum amount of fine particles.