Excellence with minimum of time and energy

Segregation and agglomeration are two recognised physical phenomena that damage mixture quality.  Thanks to its considerable experience in the mixing industry, Lessine commits to providing the most suitable equipment for your materials, in order to guarantee a homogeneous mixture saving time and energy.


Intensity of MIXING

Little energEtic <1kw/m³ 

3-5 KW/m³Very energEtic 10kw/m³
Rotating tankRotating Bucket Blender  
Cubic Blender   
V Blender  
Biconic Blender  
Barrel Blender  
Fixed Tank  Blade or ploughshear mixer
  Paddle mixer
 Ribbon Blender 


Our solutions

Product characteristics (e.g. sticky, hygroscopic, light …) frequently determine the type of mixer as well as the mixing process to be used. To provide the optimum mixing results, Lessine’s expertise in treating granulated, fine or ultrafine materials is put to good use in fixing the efficiency and hygiene criteria.

Application examples: mix of food additives, powdery components, pigments …