Barrel blender

What is it?

The barrel blender allows the homogenisation or re-homogenisation of mixtures by batch in barrels of all sizes and designs. 

Working principle

The recipes are prepared in suitable recipients. The barrel for blending is affixed onto a slanted turning shaft; it attaches very easily to the support of the blender and follows its rotation movement.  A high energy device may be added for difficult products.

Our range includes 2 types of drum blenders: 

  • The "classical" - type MFD200 (for drums from 50 to 220l), offered with various manual fastening options:


  • The 'MFD200AT', fully automated, which allows fixing drums till 200l or 250kg:


Suitable for materials coming from several industries:


  • Products are mixed directly in the drums in which they are stored
  • Adaptable for different capacities of barrels,
  • Facility of passing from one recipient to another,
  • Possibility of putting several types of barrel in a single support,
  • Maximum flexibility,
  • Relatively low energy consumption.