Biconic blender

What is it?

The biconic blender ensures a quick homogenisation of materials.  It is characterised by its ability to mix a recipe made up of several ingredients. 

Working principle

A horizontal pin goes through a double cone-shaped tank from end to end. With the rotation of this pin, the material is carried through a rolling, feeding and projection movement. This makes for quick homogenisation.

Subject to some restrictions and in some cases, it may be used to mix wet materials with constant physical and chemical characteristics.


Used to mix or homogenise high quantities of dry materials in the form of powders or in the following industries:

  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, hardware (e.g. colourings, insecticides, fertilisers, detergents, plastics)
  • Minerals (e.g. coal, graphite)
  • Foods or vegetables (e.g. spices, tobacco)


  • Ideal for recipes made up of several ingredients,
  • Rapidity of mixing,
  • Varied use,
  • Facility of moving from one mix to another,
  • Inner corners and cones carefully designed to eliminate projections,
  • Input and output openings perfectly sealed,
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.