What is it?

The IBC container blenders are designed to achieve homogeneous, simple and quick mixing, directly in the container. They can be used for a large range of powders.

We also offer filling, pump-out and cleaning stations for IBC container.

Working principle

  • The container is loaded on the blender platform. It is secured in its position thanks to an automated system. The mixing is effected by the container rotating continuously  on the asymmetrical & central shaft ; which optimises mixing.
  • An energetic mixing system (Energizer) can be added to improve the quality of mixing containing es mélanges having agglomerates or more complicated recipes. 


  • For all applications where a batch mixing is important in the production process (confinement, frequent recipes/batches changes,...)
  • Especially designed for pharmaceutical and food applications ; which require high hygiene level.


  • Different shapes and sizes, fully adaptable on the same model (from 200 to 3000l) are available,
  • The mixings are carried out directly in the storage barrel,
  • Variable mixing speeds, 
  • Safety lock to improve security,
  • Powders homogeneous mixing.​