Lab size drum blender

What is it?

The lab-size drum blender 'MF labo' enables mixing and homogenising powders, granules, and other bulk products in small quantities. The V-version allows those mixings to be processed in interchangeable V-tanks of different volumes (from 0,5 to 9L or from 0,2 to 6L net). With the P-version, jars, cans, and other smal containers can be fixed thanks to its quick fastening system. So jars from various capacities (from 0,2 to 12L) in plastic, stainless steel, glass, etc can be used for mixing.


Working principle

On the V-version of the lab-size drum blender, V-containers are fixed on the blender thanks to a rack axis and a pressure butterfly screw. On the P-version, containers are held between two non-slip rubber coated plates by means of a quick pressure system. 

Once the containers are in place and the cover is placed and secured, mixing can be started. The security glass pane is secured and the blender cannot be activated till till this glass is not in position.

If containers from various sizes can be used, a  frequency converter (option) is recommended to select the optimal speed for each type of container. 

The control panel frontal timer (mechanical or analog) allows to run irregular and repetitive mixing cycles. 


Used for mixing small quantities

  • Food,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Cosmetic,
  • Chimie fine
  • Fine chemistry
  • Mineral chemistry
  •  Metallic powders


  • Interchangeable tanks,
  • Tanks from varied shapes, sizes and capacities, 
  • Easy cleaning,
  • torough stainless steel finishing,
  • Easy use, 
  • Safe use.