Paddle mixer

What is it?

In addition to product homogenisation, the paddle mixer allows new ingredients to be incorporated into the recipe.

Working principle

One or several additives are incorporated and homogenised by the counter-rotating movement of the two paddle shafts. The paddles have an adjustable direction to modify the time, the flow and quality of the mix. The mixer can also granulate or humidify powders or dust.


Continuous mixing or homogenisation of dry, wet materials and pastes:

  • Chemical products (e.g. colorants, insecticides, fertiliser, detergents),
  • Mineral substances (e.g. plaster, pigments, refractories),
  • Food products (e.g. flour, sugar),
  • Vegetable products,
  • Sludge (liming),


  • Energetic mixing of materials,
  • Adjustable direction of the paddles,
  • Possibility of heating or cooling down the mixture,
  • May be used as buffer upstream during variable flow capacity,
  • Easily replaceable paddles.