Plough shear mixer

What is it?

Ideal for mixing or homogenisation of dry or slightly wet materials or pastes. The paddle rotor energetically stirs the recipe to obtain a homogenous mixture in a minimum amount of time. 

Working principle

Characterised by a very energetic mixing process, this mixer is equipped with paddles or ploughs affixed onto a rotating shaft. They are shaped and directed according to the nature of the products to mix, thereby enhancing the products and guaranteeing a good homogenisation in a minimum amount of time.


Mixing or homogenisation of dry, wet materials and pastes.

  • Chemical products (e.g. colourings, insecticides, fertilisers, detergents),
  • Mineral substances (e.g. plaster, pigments, refractories),
  • Food products (e.g. flour, sugar),
  • Vegetable products.


  • Time-saving,
  • A compact solution,
  • The outlet nozzle consists of one or several openings,
  • Exists in continuous or discontinuous process
  • Easily replaceable and easily adjustable paddles