Ribbon blender

What is it?

In a continuous or discontinuous mixing process, the ribbon blender carefully leads the materials to be mixed, without forcing or altering the products’ properties. 

Working principle

A helicoidal ribbon rotor (simple, double or triple effect) pushes the different product layers to mix thoroughly. The outlet nozzle is located at the centre or at the end, depending on the application.


Mixing or homogenisation of dry, wet, semi-liquid materials and pastes 

  • Chemical products (e.g. colourings, insecticides, fertilisers, detergents),
  • Mineral substances (e.g. plaster, pigments, refractories),
  • Food products (e.g. flour, sugar),
  • Vegetable products.     


  • Careful treatment of the material,
  • Preservation of the product properties,
  • Possibility of impregnating liquid,
  • Complete emptying of the mixer,
  • Available in continuous or discontinuous process,
  • Sealing ensured at the corners of the machine
  • Possibility of heating or cooling down the material,
  • Low energy consumption.