Optimum granulometric separation solutions

For coarse, fine or ultrafine screening of dry, wet, sticky or agglomerate materials, Lessine offers you the tailor-made screen. It proposes highly-efficient screens capable of separting materials that are either difficult—or were previously impossible—to screen.

Lessine screens are delivered ready-to-use with no post-installation adjustments to make. The quality and durability of Lessine equipment means that maintenance costs are kept down to minimum.

MaterialParticle size
Ultrafine 25µFine 10mmMedium 30mmCoarse
Liquid Vibrating screen 
DryMulti-frequency screen   
 Multi-frequency screen 


Our solutions

The quarries sector historically requires milling and screening. Lessine is specialised in small and medium installations for treating medium to fine products.

Application examples: classification of wet materials, classification of fine powders …

Thanks to its wide range of separation solutions, Lessine has the right screen for each stage of waste treatment of products derived from the environment.

Application examples: screening of impregnated sawdust, screening of hazardous waste …

There is a wide variety in Lessine’s current range of screens to meet your application’s criteria, and to guarantee efficient screening with no risk of agglomeration even for the most difficult products.

Application examples: screening starch, granulated preparation, salt …

The screening of dust and metallic powders is a common process in the metal sector. The multifrequency screening system has become a reference for a very fine screening and is particularly suited to these specific type of product.

Application examples: the treatment of foundry sand, screening of metallic powders for sintering …