Multi-frequency sieves/screen

What is it?

A multi-frequency screening system achieves unprecedented efficiency and presents the ability to separate fine particles (from 10mm to less than 10µm) of difficult, dry, wet, adhesive or sticky materials. 

Working principle

Thanks to the acceleration generated, the capacity and the efficiency of screening are significantly increased. The acceleration transmitted to the cloth allows the separation of products previously impossible or difficult to screen with purity of the size of the particles of up to 99%.


The multi-frequency screening system screens adhesive, wet, fine or abrasive products in several applications:

  • Transport lines for pulverulents
  • Discharge stations of bags
  • Output from an atomising tower
  • Output from a mill 


  • Ideal in a difficult production environment,
  • Adjustable intensity of the vibration,
  • Simple and robust construction,
  • Easy installation thanks to its compact construction,
  • Asymmetrical engines greased for a lifetime giving a vertical and horizontal vibration component.