Minerals: fertilisers and mineralogical chemistry

The minerals industry is characterised by medium to heavy constructions. The robustness and resistance of equipment is adapted to the nature, quantity and hardness of the products treated.

Lessine applies its know-how and expertise to meet the exigencies of each application from small to large installations (e.g. secondary and tertiary treatment of minerals, pyrotechnic applications, fertilisers …).

Lessine’s tailor-made solutions do not stop at offering customised equipment. It can also take on the task providing an all-round solution.

Our solutions

In mineral, fertilisers and mineralogical chemistry sectors, Lessine has developed a range of dryers and granulators with varying robustness and resistance characteristics to best meet your drying needs.

Application examples: drying of sand, cement, integration of additives (e.g. dolomite, or gypsum) granulation-coating of fertiliser …

The quarries sector historically requires milling and screening. Lessine is specialised in small and medium installations for treating medium to fine products.

Application examples: classification of wet materials, classification of fine powders …