Food, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals

The food, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries are characterised by special requirements to highly consider during the manipulation of products.

The technical and construction characteristics of the equipment (e.g. sealing, steel used, surface condition …) are adapted to the specific constraints of each application.

Criteria of efficiency and hygiene as well as certain certifications (e.g. FAT, SAT) are strictly required for selected products. Lessine will work with you to best meet the specifications and requirements of your application.


Our solutions

Product characteristics (e.g. sticky, hygroscopic, light …) frequently determine the type of mixer as well as the mixing process to be used. To provide the optimum mixing results, Lessine’s expertise in treating granulated, fine or ultrafine materials is put to good use in fixing the efficiency and hygiene criteria.

Application examples: mix of food additives, powdery components, pigments …

Products from food, pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals industries often require special treatment for drying (e.g. temperature range tolerance). Lessine puts its know-how at the disposal of your application to offer you the drying procedure best suited to your product.

Application examples: drying tomatoes or blood …

There is a wide variety in Lessine’s current range of screens to meet your application’s criteria, and to guarantee efficient screening with no risk of agglomeration even for the most difficult products.

Application examples: screening starch, granulated preparation, salt …