Environment and recycling

There are different kinds of waste and in many cases this diversity must be understood in order to adequately meet quality requirements.

Lessine combines its expertise in treating bulk products with these new outlets in the environment and recycling fields to help protecting our planet.

All criteria, whatever their nature (e.g. economic, confidentiality, nature of the product) are taken into consideration. 

Our solutions

Lessine milling, shredding and crushing solutions can treat different types of products and waste derived from industry or environment.  Depending to your specific criteria (e.g. confidentiality, milling technique, budget …), Lessine offers you the suitable equipment.  

Application examples: batteries, electronic waste, catalytic converters, printer cartridges, cables, cellulose insulation, construction waste, tyres …

Drying is a necessity for treating wet products, it is even considered as a central operation for many products (e.g. cleaning polluted land). Lessine’s know-how as well as its innovation in the environment and recycling sectors offer you a guaranteed optimum dryer.

Application examples: thermal remediation …

Thanks to its wide range of separation solutions, Lessine has the right screen for each stage of waste treatment of products derived from the environment.

Application examples: screening of impregnated sawdust, screening of hazardous waste …