Lessine offers the solution that perfectly suits your materials treating needs with the best techniques and efficiency.

The equipment used in the metal sector must meet special requirements depending on the application.

The metal industry remains a vast field, where Lessine responds to each application whatever its requirements, with a tailored solution.

Our solutions

In addition to our wide range of crushers and mills, Lessine develops special mills for your application.

Application examples: the treatment of slag, manufacturing of solder flux, treatment of dust …

Some metal products require a simple reduction of humidity rate or more likely an intense drying process. Lessine carefully studies your needs and offers you the dryer best suited to your material. 

 Application examples: drying of slag, solder flux …

The screening of dust and metallic powders is a common process in the metal sector. The multifrequency screening system has become a reference for a very fine screening and is particularly suited to these specific type of product.

Application examples: the treatment of foundry sand, screening of metallic powders for sintering …